Our Approach

The Children: our Teachers,
our (R)evolution…

Success at Montessori Bright Academy means academic mastery, the ability to think creatively, mindfulness & social intelligence, and positive connectedness with oneself and the world around.

MBA provides an authentic Montessori education for children to transform their tremendous potential and be the change of tomorrow. We collaborate with medical and child development experts to continue developing a deeper understanding of the children’s developmental needs and the support they require. We believe that proper nutrition is our — and the planet’s — first medicine, and that it should be an integral part of education. We recognize and empower our community of parents as the prime educators of our children, and we cherish our community.

Finally, we vow to never stop learning and evolving, to keep up with scientific research, societal transformations and technological innovations, ensuring that our approach remains contemporary and aligned with current insights in child development, education and…the Evolution of Human Kind.

Authentic Montessori Education
at the Highest Standards

Montessori Bright Academy values and implements the principles and guidelines of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the worldwide leader and steward of Montessori education.

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MBA environments conform strictly to AMI standards for Montessori classrooms, and follow AMI suggested architectural patterns to offer the best learning experience to each and every child. Our team of teachers and assistants gathers experienced and inspiring human beings, all trained and certified by AMI. Our recruitment process is non-discriminatory, rigorous and selective: beyond their AMI credentials, teacher candidates must have a significant experience in Montessori schools, and all candidates must embody deep and positive human values and strong skills sets with children. We provide continuing education to our teachers, assistants and other collaborators, as well as professional growth and self-development opportunities. The visit of an AMI consultant is scheduled every year.

In-House Child Psychologists
and Other Medical Experts

Montessori Bright Academy partners with a team of experienced child psychologists who work hand in hand with our pedagogical team.

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They are well versed in the Montessori philosophy and act as a silent observer in the classroom. They offer our teachers new perspectives on their observations and help them gain an even deeper understanding of the child, his development and psychological processes. Our teachers feel supported —professionally and emotionally — in their daily task of guiding the children. Beyond their role in the classroom, our psychologists facilitate and reinforce productive and healthy interactions between educators, children, and parents. In the words of Maria Montessori herself, “a joint labor of physician and teacher will sow the seed of a future human hygiene, adapted to achieve perfection in man, both as a species and as a social unit”.

High Quality Organic Food
and Conscious Nutrition

Lunch is an important, joyful, social and educational ritual in a Montessori classroom. The food that we eat must meet the occasion and is an integral part of the environment we prepare for children, with all the respect and love it implies.

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Montessori Bright Academy provides high quality organic and nutritious food to encourage optimal brain function and overall growth and development. Part of this food comes from our organic garden, that children tend to regularly. At MBA, we educate children on conscious nutrition, keeping the planet healthy and model and encourage healthy living in our community. The MBA Community also benefits from the sound advice of its very own pediatrician, specialized in nutrition, who regularly oversees our menus and nutrition education program. As part of our engagement for the preservation of the planet, we avoid plastic at all cost, and follow the three “R”s: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Forest School
and Outdoor learning

A connectedness to nature and the physical world around us is essential to our wellbeing, but today’s children are at risk of becoming disconnected from the natural world.

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Under the guidance of our certified Forest School teacher, MBA offers children the chance to cultivate real world skills, understand our deeply rooted interdependence with nature, receive immediate feedback from the elements, build confidence and resilience, and act as proud stewards of the environment.

Montessori Sports
and Physical Education

Daily physical activity is one of the most important elements of healthy living, but the benefits of physical education go far beyond the body.

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At MBA, children are encouraged to embrace the joy of sport, channel the flow state that physical activity can bring about, reap the benefits of self-discipline, collaboration through teamwork, and self confidence. Students are introduced to a variety of sport and fitness modalities through the Montessori Sports Program, a very unique program certified by the AMI.

Parents as Valued
Primary Educators
and Partners

It is often said that the home should be an extension of the school. At MBA, we beg to differ. We believe that the family is a unique world for children; that parents are their children’s primary educators, as well as their models and greatest source of inspiration.

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It all starts with parents and family, and for that reason, MBA stands as an extension of a child’s home, rather than the reverse. We trust and support parents to be the best anchors for their children, and yet the greatest advocate for them to soar. This depends on a signifiant relationship between parents and the school, and the common vision that Montessori education is more than just a pedagogy, but truly a way of life. We invest in listening, understanding, and supporting; we believe in complete transparency, cherish open and respectful communication, and thrive on human connections.

Community Outreach

MBA strives to reach beyond the walls of our school into the greater community. We emphasize to our children the importance of community and environment.

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We are involved in several projects throughout the school year that inspire the children to respect our community and to want to lend a helping hand whenever they can. Earth Day and the International Day of Peace each have a special celebration.

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.

– Nelson Mandela