Nurturing never stops 



It is also necessary… to place the soul of the child in contact with creation, in order that he may lay up for himself a treasure from the directly educating forces of living nature.

– Dr Maria Montessori

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In her book The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori declares that outdoor exploration should be incorporated into early childhood education, not only because of the health benefits it provides the human body but also because it allows for children to discover new fields of interest, while simultaneously learning about the world and their connection to it. Improved social skills, greater peer interaction, stronger relationships and better problem solving abilities are all benefits attributed to Forest School attendees.

Through our Forest School program, MBA children (starting at the Primary level) are given the opportunity to explore and appreciate nature, while benefiting from the integration and application of their usual Montessori activities and learning in the outside world. The children’s physical, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional development is enhanced through a range of short and long-term learning opportunities related to the outdoors. These are practical activities which children can engage with on a number of levels. It supports the whole child — body, mind and soul — and promotes respect for all living things.

Under the guidance of our Forest School certified teacher, children enjoy a weekly excursion to local sites. These will be by public transport and encourage children to develop a whole new set of plans and risk evaluation. By allowing children to engage and develop their own connection with the natural world around them, children develop confidence, independence and a respect for their wider community.

Last but not least, MBA is proud of its garden where forest schooling actually begins. Children meet in the garden to work towards building sustainable, environmentally friendly attitudes towards the outdoor space. The children will plan, implement, nurture and care for plants which grow around us. We will experience first hand, not only the needs of the different plants and animals in our local environment, but also any risks that are associated with the jobs we need to do. The dedicated forest schooling time will give children the opportunity to immerse themselves in these activities. The fact that these plants are onsite, means that children can continue to care for these and enjoy the fruits of their labour, throughout the day.


Making good food the easy choice for our Community


Our stomach is our second brain. Let’s feed it with the same care and respect as we so eagerly feed our intelligence.

– Dr Victor Ranély Vergé Dépré, Md
MBA Pediatrician and Nutritionist

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Through our Food For Life Academy program we stay committed to the whole child — his health, academic achievement, and future well-being — while making him aware of his place in a greater universe. The program is fully integrated in the school development plan, and permeates the entire school experience. It involves making healthy, tasty and sustainable meals the norm for all to enjoy and to function optimally, reconnecting children with the source of their food. The program teaches them how their food is grown and cooked and champions the importance of well-sourced ingredients for the health of our communities, as well as the preservation of our planet.

Our food comes in part from our own garden, where vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown and tended by our whole community. Our outside supply of ingredients are carefully selected: always in season, labeled (Organic, PDO, etc.) and bought directly from producers or small cooperatives who are respectful of our resources. We sit down with both our chef and nutrition expert to develop the best recipes, a menu that changes regularly and offers fabulously healthy dishes that children are shown to consciously enjoy, fostering healthy habits such as eating slowly and chewing properly. We promote the consumption of more vegetables and fruits, grains and legumes, as well as small amounts of animal products produced humanely and within strict environmental standards.

Cooking and growing part of our food are at the heart of our nutrition curriculum. Along with harvesting, carrying, rinsing, scrubbing, slicing or chopping and peeling, our vegetable garden allows children to serve, eat, clean up, and compost food they’ve nurtured themselves, giving them an enhanced appreciation of the food chain and life-cycle. More elaborate food preparation and cooking activities give children practice and mastery of life-long practical skills, as well as the knowledge and confidence to prepare healthy meals and have more control over what they eat, thereby recognizing poor food choices and resisting them. Our nutrition education is embedded across all subjects: you see gardening and cooking, we see reading, measuring, math, science, following directions, collaboration, listening skills and problem solving.

Lunch in a Montessori classroom is truly a treat for the eyes of the observer. The whole classroom is gathered (teacher included) in joyful confidence and relaxed pleasure. We are proud to commit our values and integrity to this experience, collaborating with parents in guiding our children towards global citizenship.



In the last decade I’ve observed the greatest football academies and many recreational clubs around the world and studied the empirical data. I’ve concluded that in this football world it is not about the child, but it is about the coach, the result, the parent or the club. Fortunately there is an environment that is prepared for the enormous benefits of this great game, and that is the Montessori environment.

– Ruben Jongkind
Founder / CEO Montessori Sports

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We all know it. A screaming coach on the sideline, and many children sitting on the bench. These examples are common in sports, but not in the interest of children. We believe that we can do better and should change the traditional, adult-instructed approach to sports.

MBA offers a unique sports Curriculum: Montessori Sports. The curriculum is certified by the AMI and it is the first time in over a 100 years that the AMI have approved an extension of curriculum. It is designed to teach the fundamentals and benefits of sports through self awareness, body control, team work and mental preparation, without the competition aspect to sport.

Through this program, We encourage preparation and observation as the main coaching tools. Next to this, involving children in the preparation of the environment and the observation of the activity can aid them in their self-construction. It helps to develop self-regulation, reflection, willpower, memory, and leadership. Especially in the second and third plane, from the perspective of Cosmic Education, the needs of children connect very well with preparing the sports environment and leading sports activities. By making these adjustments to the coaching style, children have more fun in their sport. After all, a happy child is what it is all about.



You don’t “fix” your child, you create the conditions for them to rise.

– Dr Shefali, PhD
Clinical Psychologist and Author of “The Conscious Parent”

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Parents, it all starts with you. At MBA, we simply are an extension of your own conscious and evolved vision of parenting. That being said, we pride ourselves in being a community where each and everyone is continually learning, growing, helping and empowering each other. We are your biggest supporters. The MBA Parent Academy is about providing you with the best tools to help you incarnate the next evolution of the parent you are meant to be.

It takes a village to “rise” a child

Children become the product of the experiences in their lives. Most importantly, the people they interact with greatly influence their future view of themselves and the world at large. Children learn from everyone they meet. Therefore, MBA functions as a village that “rises” the child. This village includes teaching staff, auxiliary staff, parents, and children. We aim to create a harmonious atmosphere surrounding the children by offering optimal learning environments and additionally by providing links between the school and home environment. A broad selection of informative events, social happenings and family days are an integral part of the school year.

Informative events are organized throughout the year with the aim of spreading information on all aspects of child development and parenting. These sessions can help families acquire more knowledge on how to

sustain their child’s progress at each level. At the same time, families meet each other and built on the village that rises their child!

Parent Master Classes

Our Parent Master Classes essentially target the parent-child relationship. Through a better understanding of yourself, your child and your role as a parent, these master classes are designed to inspire you to be better parents — ones who allow their child to prosper in his or her most authentic self. We partner with our own child psychologists and other experts to accompany you on your parenting journey.

Montessori Workshops

At MBA, as we implement Montessori education the best way possible, we never stop learning, reading and researching about it. We encourage parents and families to embrace this mindset too, and support them in that journey by organizing teaching and learning based events and activities. These include guest speakers, workshops and curriculum sharing sessions which nurture shared values and help us all to grow and evolve

Community Events

Human connections to enrich our — and the children’s — lives. Through the school, parents can meet other families and start a new social life! Throughout the year, the MBA School Community comes together for several special events: sing-alongs, games days, craft evenings, Farm days, Mum’s and Dad’s mornings, Montessori Café…

Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-teacher communication is a priority for us here at MBA. We regard parents as partners in their child’s education who ought to be connected to what’s happening at all times. We make every effort to include them by practicing regular one-on-one communication, monthly newsletters, classroom reports, social media updates, and knowledge sharing on our blog.

Parent participation

Many parents enjoy becoming directly involved in the school activities, and the children appreciate and gain from their participation. Parents are invited to inform the school about their availability and special interests. There are several ways in which parents offer assistance. Special hobbies, talents, skills, and interests can be shared. Assistance with various activities at the school are coordinated through the Heads of School. These are a few examples of how parents can assist: serving as chaperones for fieldtrips, making of classroom material or helping in the library.

The MBA Café and Library

The MBA Café is located on the ground floor of our school and is a unique space reserved for parents. It is a meeting place for informal and formal occasions including workshops, information sessions, and meetings. It can also be the place for parents to borrow and read a book and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. All parents of MBA are welcome. Friends and associates are also welcome to the Café for special events and information sessions.

The MBA Library is situated in the MBA Café. We endeavor to have a good selection of books available to parents relating to the ages of birth to 12 years old. Montessori related books, as well as references specific to child development and parenting approaches, are available.


MBA will be offering a variety of after-school activities, Monday through Thursday from 4 to 5pm.

Activities/Clubs like Coding with Cubetto, Art Club, Chess Club, French, and more…The needs and interests of the Community will determine what is included in our Extra Academy Program.