Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.

– Dr Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was a prominent thinker of her time. Nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes, her supporters included Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller and Mahatma Gandhi.

Dr Maria Montessori worked in the field of neurology, psychology and anthropology, ultimately connecting the science to the education world. She is regarded as one of the most famous and accomplished educators of her time. She was a “visionary genius”, an agent of change and the precursor of a new path for education: “Follow the child”. She first worked with children as a physician, but soon began to “study” the child as part of a calling to unveil the true nature of human beings, the needs determining human development and the fundamental tasks of education.

Observing children became Dr Montessori’s life work and what she learned from them was unequivocal: within every child resides an unlimited potential to be revealed and, given the right conditions, the extraordinary power to optimally self-construct and become Man.

Dr Maria Montessori established her first Casa Dei Bambini, or Children’s House in January 1907. Today, 20,000 Montessori schools throughout the world are leading the way to establish an education system designed on the basis of the human brain and how children develop and grow. Academic preparation with a life-long love of learning, intrinsic motivation, autonomy, confidence, creativity and originality of thought are the usual outcomes of a Montessori education. Many parents believe that it is the greatest gift you can give your child.