At MBA, children are at the heart of our awakening. We strive to be the change that we want to see in the world with children who grow to their full potential, families who thrive in raising their children and in valuing the Montessori environment, a school that thrives as a learning community of practice in continuous development, a local community that feels the positive impact of the Montessori community in its midst, and societies that evolve in positive ways.

We are grateful for the

we receive

We are very happy to have benefited from the quality of teaching and the pedagogy of Caitie. She knew how to arouse the curiosity of my son and nourished his intelligence with an innate benevolence.

Despite some difficulties in adapting, my son never gave up as he felt confident and supported. Caitie was able to gain his trust and never failed him. She always treated him and his learning with the upmost respect; she guided him with confidence and love, and helped him develop a real desire to learn.

Miss Caitie left her mark on my son: he remembers her fondly and still talks about her today. As for us parents, we literally feel that Caitie infused our son with her light…witnessing his joy was simply priceless.

Thank you Miss Caitie!

— Myriam and Benjamin, 6 year-old Gaspard’s Parents