Our Roots

This is where it all begins…
September 2021



Montessori Bright Academy is located in Lisbon, a cross cultural city, opened to the world, with the ocean as a playground. This world carrefour has a rich cultural, intellectual and artistic history. Rumor has it that the city was the home of the first marine academy, Navegantes, created by Christophe Colomb. This academy was a training center for the best sailors in the world and the starting point of what our interconnected world looks like today. Lisbon also embodies resilience, turning adversity into opportunity. From a city in ruins in 1755 after one of the deadliest earthquakes in history, Lisbon was rebuilt on the most modern architecture principles and practices of the time, with the construction of big squares and widened streets to match the then king’s vision of a new and perfectly ordered city.



our academy

In the heart of Campolide, in a calm, cosy and charming street, there stands Montessori Bright Academy. The 300 square meter building has an impressive wooden framework built by the owner himself. As part of the unique urban Montessori experience MBA offers, we are proud to provide children with the highest quality environment, in which they can develop to their fullest potential. Whether evolving in our beautiful classrooms, our enchanting garden or taking part in our after school activities, children explore, learn, practice critical skills and thrive. Request a virtual tour of our Academy.



Our ClassroomS

Our naturally bright and spacious classrooms are a home away from home for our students, and a place where everyone is valued as a member of a fully functioning children’s community. Each classroom is equipped with a complete set of Montessori materials from an AMI approved manufacturer ensuring that children receive the right “keys to the world”. MBA hosts a 50 square meter Toddler environment, home to a maximum of 14 children; our unique 105 square meter Primary classroom is the perfect place for a vibrant community of 24 children. Request a virtual tour of to explore our classrooms.



Our Garden

The 170 square meter MBA garden is a key feature of our school and curriculum. It is a beautiful place for play, exploration, connection to nature, study, relaxation and socialization. It is also a classroom set in nature; it is accessible all day to our Primary students, with an AMI trained Montessori teacher guiding them when they visit. Children are given the opportunity to explore and appreciate nature, while benefiting from the integration and application of their usual Montessori activities and learning in the outside world. Our herb and vegetable garden compliments and furthers the science, environmental education and nutrition curriculum. Request a virtual tour and explore our outdoor environment.