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The Portuguese Montessori Association is an Affiliated AMI Society.

The purposes of the Portuguese Montessori Association:

  • Make the community aware of the rights and potential of the child;
  • Encourage the training of parents and teachers in order to create a school community that allows children to grow up in an environment of respect and harmony;
  • Become a resource for all those interested in Montessori pedagogy;
  • Debate the limits of conventional education with the public and government;
  • Support the establishment of an AMI training center;
  • Encourage the establishment of schools based on Montessori pedagogy and provide them with guidance and certification in order to guarantee the quality of teaching;
  • Support the recognition of Montessori education by the government, education authorities and other related bodies and institutions;
  • Encourage educational innovation and scientific research, through the preparation and promotion of articles, books and teaching materials in Portuguese, related to Montessori pedagogy.

During the last decade, Forest Schools Education has successfully taken its unique approach to using natural spaces and applied it to not only forest, woodland and parkland, but the shoreline with Beach Schools and the Australian and New Zealand landscape with Bush Schools.

The team is made up of people for whom nature has been a central element of their life and have been countryside rangers, outdoor centre managers, expedition guides, freelance instructors and have a deep experience in working with all age groups in the outdoors, for personal, social and emotional development.

The Forest Schools Education training team has delivered all across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, United States, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. They have supported teachers, outdoor instructors, community leaders and facilitators in their Forest Schools journey.